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Secret to Happiness Might be Hiring a Maid

Secret to Happiness Might be Hiring a Maid


Recent studies at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School conclude that people get more joy out of buying themselves time than material goods. A cleaning service such as Merry Maids of Oakville can take undesirable tasks off your hands and give you more time for yourself!

People who find that there are not enough hours in the day will likely acknowledge the appeal to spending money on house cleaning services, or on other tasks they can’t find the time to perform themselves. And yet, researchers determined that very few people with the financial means to invest in house cleaning services actually make the investment.

UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn suggests that the idea of paying for a house cleaning service simply does not occur to some people. The major benefit to outsourcing unappealing tasks is that it prevents feelings of stress regarding time. “When you’re rushing around, feeling pressed for time, that seems to take a bit of a toll on people’s day-to-day happiness.” Dunn says.

As part of the study, researchers gave 60 people in Vancouver $40 to spend on two different weekends. On the first weekend they had to buy a material item they wanted. On the next weekend they were told to use the money to save some time. Afterwards they compared the groups’ happiness levels and found people were happier when they invested in themselves to enjoy more free time. However, when asked, only 2% of the people surveyed said they would spend money on things that would give them more time in the future. They also surveyed 850 millionaires in the Netherlands and found nearly half don’t spend money outsourcing their most unappealing tasks.

“Even if you don’t have tonnes of money, using money to get rid of your disliked tasks may be a pretty smart decision,” says Dunn. She explains that people who don’t have a ton of money feel that paying for a house cleaning service is an outlandish way to spend, but the research proves spending money to rid yourself of disliked tasks is beneficial. Dunn also notes the reason people don’t treat themselves is because they feel guilty spending money on things they could do themselves. Evidently, it is not an issue of being able to perform these tasks, but rather, whether your time would be better spent elsewhere, leaving the unpleasant tasks to the experts. Although a cleaning service may be viewed as a luxury, it is a necessary means to your happiness. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a professional cleaning service like Merry Maids of Oakville can take over your household tasks and give you the luxury you want most: time.