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"A note of great appreciation for the outstanding service provided by Merry Maids. In addition to the outstanding service, it does not stop there. The recent "plate" accident in my condo, at considerable cost and time, it was replaced to perfection. I cannot find words to express my biggest thank you for all the time and trouble you went to finding the exact replacement. My most sincere "Thanks" and your service does not stop at just house cleaning."

-Anonymous, Oakville, ON

"Thank you for the opportunity to comment. First I'll admit we were with another cleaning service for several years and put up with poor service and occasionally needed them to return on the really poor cleaning days. Sometimes it was easier to re clean ourselves. It got so bad towards the end of our service that I would just send pictures and ask them to fix it. I've shown and described the situation to Cherri. We were prepared to do without any service and then one day driving to work I saw a merry maid Milton car, I looked to see if you had an Oakville presence and the rest is history. Cherri came to give us a quote and we talked for quite a while and she noticed shortcomings within our cleaning without me saying anything. We've had furniture damaged crystal broken and no apology or explanation or reimbursement was offered. Now that we're with Merry Maids our house sparkles and not just on the surface it's clean no matter where we look. We feel like you want to truly help us with our home rather than fly in and out to get as many houses done before your shift is over. The only thing that upsets us now is that we didn't know about you earlier and we truly felt we were being taken advantage of. Cleaning our home to your standard is not achievable for us as we don't have the time. A clean home is a necessity not a luxury and we value those who want to work with us to achieve that goal. In closing, I would like to strongly suggest an ad campaign that targets people like us and ask if they are really happy with a home that looks clean or do they want a house that is truly clean. If you want your house to just look clean call the other guys if you want it really clean call us. We wish you the best and we're truly happy to come home."

-L. Linda, Oakville, ON

"I would highly recommend Merry Maids of Oakville's courteous and professional service. They have always been able to accommodate me when I have had to make changes to my service."

-B. Anderson, Oakville, ON

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