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Cleaning Services


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Cleaning takes time, no matter the size of your home. If you've been putting off cleaning and tidying tasks, struggling with a busy schedule or feel you could use a helping hand, we're here to assist you. Our cleaning services could be exactly what you're looking for to make your life a little easier.

There is no single method to clean. After all, every space is different. Before lifting a finger, we take the time to speak with you and assess your needs and budget. This is the way it's been for years. We're ultimately here to help so we're only interested in providing the cleaning services that matter to you.

Want us to clean your home before or after a big family gathering? Maybe you're looking for more frequent visits from our maids. Whatever your needs, we have a service designed for you.


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With Merry Maids of Oakville, you can count on quality house cleaning however and whenever it suits you.


Our cleaning style itself is unique to Merry Maids, and allows us to do the job right the first time. From top to bottom, each maid is trained to follow our detail-oriented system that utilizes environmentally friendly tools, and the very best cleaning techniques. You'll always receive the same level of quality even if your regular maid is on vacation or working in a different neighbourhood on your scheduled visit. After all, you deserve a consistent experience, and we aim to deliver exactly that.

Wondering how you get started? Give us a call for a FREE quote. We'd be happy to take a few minutes with you to listen and recommend which cleaning services make sense for you. But if you need a bit more information, continue reading.


We have something for everyone.

Creating cleaning services to suit precise needs is our top priority at Merry Maids of Oakville.

Do you only need a one-time cleaning before a big event at your home? Or maybe a regularly scheduled cleaning option? Our weekly, biweekly and 4-weekly cleaning services can fulfill whatever cleaning timetable you wish.

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