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Merry Maids Strategic Partners

Merry Maids isn't alone. In fact, here is a list of our established partnerships and exclusive offers to prove it.

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Goodlife Fitness

You already live the GoodLife, so don't stop now. Merry Maids is rewarding GoodLife members with an exclusive offer that will save you 20% on your first 5 housecleaning appointments. All you need to do is login to the GoodLife rewards page to obtain your promo code.


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The Brick

Nobody beats The Brick, and that's exactly why we teamed up with them to provide you with commercial preferred prices! As a current customer, this exclusive discount allows you to pay less for home furnishings, mattresses, appliances, and electronics at The Brick!

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ServiceMaster Clean

Delivering a quality deep cleaning is what ServiceMaster Clean has specialized in for over 60 years. Equipped with their own trained and dedicated teams as well as the latest equipment and cleaning solutions, ServiceMaster Clean shares our perspective in putting your home first. That's why we're proud to recommend them for all your upholstery, flooring and ceiling cleaning needs. Click here to visit them today and find the deep cleaning option that works for you.

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Supper Works

Merry Maids exists to make your life easier, a goal shared by SupperWorks too. Making customers' lives simpler by helping them prepare nutritious meals without any wasted time and hassle, SupperWorks do the washing, chopping, grating, slicing and cleaning up for you. All you have to do is cook! At SupperWorks Oakville, a month's worth of meals can be assembled in as little as an hour. Check out their brochure the next time we visit your home.


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